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July 2014: will be in Vegas + Nevada+Arizona again! Lucky me!

Let's start with a few useful links for everybody:
A-GPS-Dateien für Nikon Kameras mit GPS - ich hab eine P330 und eine AW100
Visualisierung von Tracks auf allen möglichen Karten - versteht u.a. die .log-Files aus Sony GPS-CS1 (GPS-CS1 Anleitung Deutsch).
Online Converter zw. KML und GPX für Google-Garmin ...
Online Converter für alle möglichen Formate
Online Generator für kostenlose Openstreetmap-Karten für Garmin GPS
Hotelcoupons zum Walk-in-Sparen
die erneuerte Packliste

Unsere diesjährige Tour (Map folgt) wird etwa so aussehen:
Las Vegas, Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Premium Outlets - North, (Pioneertown Filmset), Zzyzx, Calico Ghost Town, Historic Route 66 Motel Barstow, Mojave Air & Space Port, LA The Getty Center, LA Ennis House Foundation, LA Eames House, LA Walk of Fame, LA Universal Studios Blvd, LA Universal Studios, LA Museum of TV & Radio, LA Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA The Queen Mary, Santa Barbara, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Pismo Dunes Natural Preserve, Moonstone Beach Dr, Apple Infinite Loop, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Museum, Computer History Museum, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Googleplex, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Solvang, Margo Dodd Park, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz Wharf, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Dennis the Menace Park, Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail, Point Lobos, Lands End, SF Twin Peak, SF Lombard Street, Americas Best Value Inn - Oakland - Lake Merritt, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite-Nationalpark, Mono Lake, Mono Lake Foto Punkt, Bodie Ghosttown, Rhyolite DV Ghost town, Scotty's Castle, Death Valley Junction amargosa, Las Vegas, Henderson REI Shopping, Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder Beach, Kingman Route 66, Hoover Dam, Nelson Ghost Town "3000miles", Valley of Fire (oder hier), Grosvenor Arch, Fire Wave, Firecave Windstone arch, Pagoda Arch (destroyed), Double Arch, Fire Canyon / Silica Dome, Elephant Rock, Zion National Park, White House Trailhead Rd - The Nautilus (Bobbahn Schnecke im weißen Stein), Antelope Canyon, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Coyote Buttes, The Wave, Devils Garden Campground, Luna Mesa Oasis, Hanksville, Goblin Valley State Park, Fisher Towers Picnic Area, Glendale Bills Cars, Bryce Canyon, little white horse canyon hanksville, Peek-a-boo Canyon, Arches National Park, Corona Arch, Mill creek waterfall, Dead Horse Point State Park, Canyonlands National Park, Corona Arch, Potash Mine, Natural Bridges National Monument, (Mesa Verde National Park, Four Corners Monument,) Dry Fork Canyon, Hickman Bridge Trail, Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley, Planes of Fame Air Museum, Tuba City Coal Mine Canyon, Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Slide Rock State Park, Devils Kitchen Sedona, Seven Sacred Pools, Flagstaff, Meteor Crater, (Canyon de Chelly National Monument), Watson Lake bei Prescott bei Sedona, , Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Jerome (Ghosttown), Oatman Eseldorf, Chloride Ghost town, Fiesta Henderson, Harrah's Las Vegas, LV The Arts Factory, LV Fremont Street Experience plus Neonopolis, LV Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, LV The Venetian, Town Square Las Vegas, Little Hollywood Land, Movie Set (Gunsmoke, Johnson Canyon), Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Cathedral Rock Trail, Broken Arrow Way, Chuck Wagon General Store, Old Paria Film Set, The Rimrocks = Toadstool Hoodoos (noch ein Link und ggf. Nautilus, Buckskin Gulch, Indian Cove Group Campground, Mirage Volcano, Hobby Lobby Henderson ... ...
needs some sorting of course

Sollten wir dort ganz viel Zeit haben, dann wäre das noch eine Option: White Pocket - dort ist auch: Brown Pocket


November 2008: will be in Vegas + Nevada+Arizona again! Lucky me!

Summer 2007 and I've been to the Southwest again. I'll add some information on cool new places we've been to (but haven't been to Bisti this time!). Fantasy canyon, Fragile Canyon, "Area 85", Toadstool valley to name a few. Brilliant discovery tour after all. Found impressive Gilsonite traces. Seen how oil shell destroys precious countryside and how the most astonishing sand erosions stand in the middle of oil-fileds. Remember plane graveyards and cool Ghost towns.

... just returned from my second trip to the american southwest and now I'm totally addicted to red rocks, to the special kind of wilderness and most of all to the bisti wilderness area. So this site will feature some impressions and travel tips as well as a more detailed chapter with "truckloads" of information around the bisti badlands in northern New Mexico. [Link to a BLM descrition of Bisti Wilderness area]

But work is still in progress. So please be patient and come back soon! We made some of the coolest photo shots and we've prepared (in 2003) a guide to the most bizarre, most unexpected and most astounishing sites all over the Bisti Wilderness (honestly!).

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this is a panoramic view close to Eagles Nest (rotates by using the mouse pointer)

    our detailed 2003 bisti map: Ask for the highres version!
    other maps: USGS topographic maps are Alamo Mesa West, Bisti Trading Post and Tanner Lake
    Easiest Access: From Interstate 40, approximately 30 miles east of Gallup, NM, take State Highway 371 north for approximately 70 miles until you're about 46 miles north of Crown Point where a BLM sign tells you where to turn east on a gravel road; take the gravel road about three miles to a parking lot. has a map of Bisti as well (at least they claim so). If someone tried this, I'd love to hear some feedbackif it is worth the money!

If you wan't a COPY OF OUR MAP and AGREE NOT TO REDISTRIBUTE IT simply donate a few bucks by using the grey button below and a few days later you'll receive it along with some other maps of that area through e-mail. Please put in the transaction comments if you want the Bisti maps or the Slot Canyon/Fantasy Canyon maps.

If you want a set of maps for Wahweep Hoodoos, Toadstool valley, Peak-a-boo Slotcanyon and Fantasy Canyon simply donate with the blue button above and a few days later you'll receive them along with some other maps of that area through e-mail.
    Dos and Don'ts

Sorry! There is certainly something you should do
  • enjoy life
  • engange for environmental health, freedom of information and for peace
  • eat more vegetables and fruits
  • do more sports
and something you shouldn't do
  • drink and drive
  • use drugs
  • speeding
. We're still working on this chapter (not really!)

Our trips:

  1. 2002: Denver-Rocky Mountains-Moab-Arches-Canyonlands-Torrey-Bryce-Lake Powell-Cedar Breaks-St. George-Zion-Kayenta-Page-Cortez--Natural Bridges-Mesa Verde-Pink Coral Sand Dune-Colorado Springs-Boulder-Denver in November 2002
  2. 2003: Vegas-Red Rock Canyon-Death Valley-Kingman-Route66-Flagstaff/Sedona-Homolovi Ruins-Canyon de Chelly-I13-Farmington-Bisti Badlands-De Na Zin Wilderness-Chaco Culture-Angel Peak-Shiprock Peak-Valley of Gods-closed ferry-Burr Trail-Boulder-Escalante-Kodachrome Parc-Cottonwood Canyon-Skutumpah Road-Lick Wash (Slot Canyon)-Johnson Canyon-Kanab-Zion-Valley of Fire-Lake Mead-Vegas in October 2003
  3. 2007: "fragile Canyon" - somewhere hidden in the desert; Vegas, Barstow, Mojave Airport, Santa Barbara, "Area 49", Death Valley, Rhyolite, Valley of Fire SP, Springdale/Zion, Kanab, Toadstool Valley, Coyote Buttes, White Rocks, Old Paria (new filmset!), Glen Canyon Dam, Page, NOT Antelope Canyon Burglery, Bryce Canyon, Escalante, Devils Garden, Calf Creek, Dry Fork + Peak-a-boo Slotcanyons, Capitol Reef + Hickman Bridge, Luna Mesa, Hanksville, Goblin Valley, Price, Ouray, Fantasy Canyon, Bonanza, "Area 85", Dragon, Baxter Pass, Fisher Towers, Moab, Arches, Canyonlands, Jug Rug Arch, Corona Arch, Natural Bridges, Valley of Gods, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Valle: Planes of Fame, Williams, Flagstaff, Sunset Crater, Roden Crater, Sedona, Devils Kitchen, 7 sacred pools, Jerome, Seligman, Kingman, Oatman, Chloride, Hoover Dam, Boulder, Vegas [corresponding flickr-photos]

Bevor you go:

    add these items as they are difficult to get there:
      Shower Gel
      Lonely Planet
      Climbing Shoes
    buy this in USA (cheaper):
      in Vegas you can buy cheap T-Shirts and put them in the Trash after the trip
      in Vegas' Malls you get lots of fine clothes and some electronics at much lower prices
      look for nice watches, cheap razor blades, car accessories, high end knifes
      collect cool T-Shirts from special places along your trip
      Water, Water, Water!!! Not all campsites have water
      Camping Gaz/ Coleman Gas: Most Sporting Shops have them. You can't put them on the plane
      35mm films - most US security devices are harmful to them!!! develop them over there!
    use this literature and maps:
      Lonely Planet Southwest: has useful city maps
      Rough Guide Southwest: has more descriptions on sights, parcs, monuments ...
      Hiking Arizona (or Utah ...): has detailed trail descriptions and a lot of hidden sights
      APA Guides National Parks West: What to see in what National Park (State Parks not included!)
    buy a circular polarized UV filter for your camera
Useful additions to the LONELY PLANET Southwest
    I'll add an 2007-update to the 2005-Lonely Planet soon. This will be quite a lot stuff, that is missing or even worse: misleading in the recent issue of the LP Southwest.
    "Rough Guide Southwest" tells everything what's not mentioned in the L.P. (i.e. parc descriptions)
    Motels: Vouchers - you can print them or find them in several books to get lower rates
    Kingman: Oldtown Coffeehouse at Beale 618 homely atmosphere!
    Farmington: several hotels have unencrypted WiFi (WLAN) so you can surf along. Super8 (ooposite from Motel 6) has WiFi as well as a laundromat (but no jacuzzi!)
    Farmington: ZIA SPORTINGGOODS has everything including Maps (i.e. BLM TOADLENA useful for Bisti Badlands)
    Chaco Culture NM: awful 16 Mile gravel road to get to the park, need to bring in firewood if you want to have a fire, NO BACKCOUNTRY CAMPING ANY LONGER!
    Kanab: Willow Canyon Outfitters have Maps and a huge selection of useful hiking guides, climbing guides etc.
    Sedona: Cathedral Rock trail (short but with spectacular vistas), lovely downtown, need red rock pass to park your car at trailheads ($5/day; $15/week)
    Jerome: cool town with flair and funny events, nearby ghost town with lots of retired cars, many attractions to start with some dollars
    I 13 Buffalo Pass: new winding road with beautiful outlooks & some canyons
    Death Valley Racetrack: The only way to get there was a utterly shaky offroad trail through an entirely empty nothing for about 25 miles. This would have taken up to 3 hours oneway.
    Death Valley Stovepipe Wells: There is a pool with showers (2$) and shop only a few miles from the sand dunes!
    Flagstaff: The "Mogollan" is quite a relaxed micro brewery with lots of live acts - worth a visit!
    Buy the National Park Pass (50$)!

Don't miss that highlights

Any additions welcome. Please send me an e-mail!

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