vMac Emulator - The Virtual Macintosh Emulator Project

What is vMac?

December 1997
see leb.net/vmac for actual information about vMAC!
vMac is a hardware emulator that emulates a 68k based Macintosh. vMac only requires the ROM image file from your Macintosh and a copy of your MacOS.
Source code and a binary of version 0.1 of vMac will be posted here very soon.

Warning!!! The use of the Mac ROM image is only legal if you:
(1) Own the Macintosh it came from.
(2) Don't use vMac at the same time your Macintosh is in use.

How is vMac being developed?

Two words: by you. vMac source code is publicly availiable for you to update and modify. vMac is being developed in the same spirit as Linux. If you see something you want added to vMac then add it. vMac is currently being developed using DJGPP v.2.0.

What is vMac's current status?

I'm currently trying to tweak the code to get vMac compiling cleanly. As soon as I can boot up a compact version of the MacOS I will post it.

Project List:

not startedunderwaycompleted
CPU emulation
Graphics emulation - so we can see it :)
Merging of the CPU, Graphics, Memory code together to create the basic system.
File system emulation - ability to read Executor's HFV files would be great.

Download vMac

SystemVersionDate ReleasedPort Author(s)
DOS0.1soonRichard Rice
Linux?after DOS releaseopen*
BeBox?after DOS releaseopen*
Others?after DOS releaseopen*
* contact me if you are interested in being a port author.

If you want to help

First, download the source code. The current version(0.1) is being thrown together now (check back here soon).
Second, e-mail any additions, enhancements, or corrections to me at jagtech@clearlight.com

Soon, I will create a mailing list for all the developers or anyone else interested to have a place to discuss the advancement of this project. Until then, please take the public discussion of vMac to comp.emulators.mis c.

Other Macintosh emulators

Executor - Macintosh emulator which currently can't install the MacOS, however it is very fast on the programs it can run and doesn't require you to copy your Mac ROM image. Commercial Software

ShapeShifter - A Macintosh emulator for the Amiga. Very nice, except it is only for the Amiga. Shareware

People to thank

Bernd Schmidt - for allowing me to use his UAE source code for the development of vMac.
more to come...

You can contact me at the following address: Richard Rice(jagtech@clearlight.com)
potential contributers since 8/16/96.